Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is usually a thin layer of simulated or real stone that is usually applied to a building or a structure that is made of a material other than stone. Stone cladding is used for the architectural design of a building or structure to reduced the material cost of construction. Stone cladding is typically applied to concrete or steel buildings to give it a stone effect.

Stone cladding is a lightweight simulated stone product that has a concrete base. The products are usually fitted to lightweight substrates, which is comprised of:

  • Fibre cement sheet
  • Waterproof barrier
  • Mortar scratch coat
  • timber stud frame
  • expanded metal mesh

Some stone cladding can be of natural stone that has been quarried and cut into small pieces to reduce the weight of the stone. This being heavier than simulated stone, the natural cladding needs mechanical fixing to support the weight and to be adhered to substrates.

Natural Stone Cladding
Simulated Stone Cladding