Metalworking - Cladding

Cladding in the metalworking sector is the bonding of dissimilar metals, which is a different form of fusion as to using welding or gluing to fasten metals together. This is achieved by either rolling or pressing the sheets together under a high pressure.

Roll welding

This process includes two or more layers of different metals that are thoroughly cleaned and then passed through a set of rollers which provide sufficient amounts of pressure to bond the layers. The pressure being applied is high enough to deform the metals and reduced the combined thickness of the clad material. Heat may be applied in this process, but it isn't necessary if one of the materials is ductile.

Laser Cladding

This is a method of depositing material by melting a powdered or wired feedstock which is consolidated by using a laser in order to coat part of a substrate or to fabricate a neat-net shape part. This method is commonly used to increase corrosion resistance or improve mechanical properties and to repair worn out parts.

Laser Cladding
Metalworking Cladding